Trip to Goa


How fun it will be to travel with friends. Yes. Lots of fun. I have bee to goa earlier with family. It’s nice to go to trip with your family. But I missed the adventurous essence. Being a parent, more than enjoying the trip, I concentrated more on Ashford castle Ireland safety, places where to stay, how to travel from one place to another place, hygiene food etc. No one forced me to do these things, but I love to make my family comfortable.This time we planned for a week vacation. This time we planned to goa with my friends. Since we are travelling with friends, we were excited about the trip. We want to make it memorable.We started our trip from packing the bag. We made sure following essential things should be in our bag.


Casual Tee shirt..3 sets of jeans and shorts.Casual shoes.1 set of flip flop.Swim suit.Handy towels.Torch light.Bathing and personal care essentials.Power bank.Sunscreen. Sunglasses.Tent.Hat.So packing is done. Let’s start.We reached goa via flight. We planned this vacation during Christmas.  If your trip is preplanned, you can book the tickets when offer is available.


Goa Beaches


Goa is famous for beaches. The coastline is marched up with line of beaches. Goa is also famous for parties, sunbathing and adventure.


Maddrem Beach


This is most beautiful scenic beach. Who love loneliness can opt for this beach. This place is so calm. Especially this beach is for honey-moon couples.


Baga Beach


Baga beach is famous for its sports adventure like surfing and sea food. It is the place for national wind surfing championship which will be held between September and November. Don’t miss to take sunbath here. It’s refreshing.This time, apart from the beach, we thought of spending time in places around goa. There is a lot of places around goa which is interesting.


Arvalan Waterfalls


This is one of the beautiful waterfalls with lush greenery scene. It’s an eye treat to see the water falling at a height of 50 meter through the mountain.


Divara Island


It is situated across the Madovi River. It’s better to take or rent a car to pass the ferry. We stayed in an indo-Portugal house in which they maintained their culture well. This place is famous for Bonderam festival. Here you can also visit the church which was built in 16th century. This is one of the historical church in goa.




Goan food is amazing. It is famous for sea food, pork, meat, coconut and prepared with local spices. It is similar to Konkani cuisine. Don’t forget to try local food in beachside. It’s amazing.


House watching site


Divar and panjim is best for house watching site. You can see the Portugal modern houses lined up beautifully.The above mentioned places are based on my experience. Hope this will help you to make your travel better and memorable.


Sun bathing


Goa is famous for sun bathing. Lazing under the sun for long hours is fun.Come to goa, and enjoy the fun. Have less luggage to enjoy more.

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